About Us

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah!

Here at Sawaab Shop, we aim to promote an Islamic way of life that embraces traditional values while also resonating with modern perspectives and lifestyles.

To authentically embody an Islamic way of life, it’s crucial to engage in the practice of reflection followed by action.

Our achievements hinge on effective productivity and adept time management.

Lots of Du'ahs, A Solid Plan and the Right Tools!

We endeavor to provide you with high-quality journals and self-improvement tools to accompany you on your journey. Seize control of your time, your life, and your spiritual path.

What about our children? 

As entrusted gifts (Amana) from Allah (SWT), it is our duty (fard) to raise our children in a righteous manner. They are entitled to education, love, and nurturing from us.

With this responsibility in mind, we’ve thoughtfully curated a selection of books, curricula, and resources to aid you in providing the best Islamic education for your child, In Sha Allah.

Success is bestowed by Allah alone, and He (SWT) knows what’s best. Ameen.

Peace and warmth, Sawaab Shop Team

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