Al-Quran Al-Karim Mushaf -Waqaf & Ibtida (JUZ BOXSET)

 2,199 (VAT Incl.)

“The Quran is a miracle with so many uniqueness, and one of them is its proper order in terms of arrangement and reading.

This uniqueness serves as the foundation that outlines the fact that the Quran must be recited in accordance with its order or the term known to us as Tarteel.

Reciting the Quran properly and knowing the rules of stopping (Waqf) are the basic skills that must be mastered by every Muslim. It is even said that by applying the rules of stopping (Waqf), it can provide understanding to the listeners and increase the meaning of the verses recited.

In order to minimize mistakes and provide guidance concerning the proper (tarteel) Quran recitation, we have provided guidance on Waqf and Ibtida’ signs in the verses of this Quran. It will help learn where to stop and restart the recitation and Insha Allah facilitates your Hifdh Journey.

We pray this becomes a precious legacy that guides us in our lives. Ameen”

Approved by Lajnah Tasheh Al-Quran of the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) Malaysia

This Quran (Juz Box set) provides:

  • Large and Clear Writing- Uthmani Script- ARABIC ONLY
  • Colour coded Tajweed Rules
  • 3 Coloured blocks- relating to Waqf & Ibtida’
  • A Lesson explaining the concept of Waqf and Ibtida’ (The stop and the start of a recitation)
  • Etiquette guide towards reading the Quran
  • Guidance on the Gharib (uncommon) readings in the Quran
  • 15 lines per page
  • Include Du’a Khatam al- Quran
  • Individual Juz (1-30 Booklet) with Box Holder
  • Standard delivery fee of Rs 125 all over the island.
  • Free delivery for orders above Rs 2,000.

Black, Maroon, White, Pink, Dark Green

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