The Knowledge Duo- The Azharis

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Instilling the love of Allah & the love of the Prophet Muhammad ‎ﷺ in an engaging way that makes it purposeful and easy to implement in our daily lives

One of each book:

1x Who Is Allah

1x Who Is Muhammad ﷺ

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 799 (VAT Incl.)

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About the Founder

Sheikh Dr. Saalim Al-Azhari

Dr. Saalim graduated from St.George’s Medical School, University of London in 2007.

He then joined the prestigious Al-Azhar University and graduated from the Thaanawiyah with a rank of excellence before joining the faculty of Shariah where he graduated in 2016 with honours and the highest rank in his year.

He has been a longstanding khateeb in London, and appears on a variety of TV channels and programs such as Islam Channel Q&A and is a Shariah consultant for the largest global Islamic charity.

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