The Six Cards: How To Teach Your Child Qur’an (Book & Cards)

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By sister Amina Mohamed

Every parent dreams of seeing their child become competent with the Arabic letters and language in order to read the Quran. However, many books on the subject become a very confusing journey for parents. “The Six Cards: How to Teach Your Child Quran” eliminates this confusion and equips parents with tools and resources backed with useful information – all in one book. This will allow parents and teachers to concentrate their time and efforts in helping to connect the child’s heart to the Quran using proven techniques.

Includes: book plus cards

The six cards resource pack has 6 cards with the important vowels that is required when learning to read Arabic. The cards are A6 in size, colourful and double sided.

“Must have for all parents who are looking to enrich their child’s education and give them the best start in life with the Holy Qur’an” – review by sister Jeba, Sociologist and Home-Educator

Amina Mohamed is a homeschooling mother of 4, and she holds a degree in Digital Media and a Masters in education.  “For many years I have worked teaching children both in religious and secular establishments. For quite some time I also spent many hours teaching privately in homes. What I found is that the whole concept of learning takes a lot of energy in order to attain the knowledge or skills presented. This is more difficult when it comes to language. However, our mosques and teachers would teach the basic Arabic language to our youngsters in a very monotone style. It was no wonder children would despise the whole Arabic learning experience and would always say it was difficult and boring. This is how The Six Cards came about.”

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